10 years of Anaconda – district heating: let’s go!

2018 is the tenth year of operation of Anaconda, the innovative combined heat and power district heating located in Borgaro Torinese, and for this special occasion we have created a new logo that will be part of the various initiatives we have planned for this year.

10 anni di Anaconda – il teleriscaldamento di Borgaro Torinese

With it we have launched a campaign that is able to give customers a saving of 25% compared to the best available competing technology.

Promozione 10 anni di Anaconda

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How much money can you save by reducing the thermostat by 1°C?

Many times it happens to read that it suffices to reduce by 1°C the thermostat of your rooms to cut the heating bill by 30%. Is this true?

First of all, I would like to express a note of extreme caution regarding the information on energy, energy savings and energy technologies you read about in the newspapers and hear on the radio and television. These media most of the times report information that is not factual, is not properly understood or, in the worst case, is plainly false.

For example, a typical mistake is that the media usually report an average heating fuel cost that refers to the entire year, but we all know that the vast majority of the heating energy consumption is going to take place during the three coldest months, when the costs are going to be the highest in any case, because of supply and demand dynamics.

This means that when average prices go down the reduction in heating bills is much lower than what is reported in the news, while when they go up the heating bills will be much higher than what is reported in the news. The majority of the enquiries that we receive every year from our customers are affected by this misrepresentation.