Energy consulting services

Cogenpower offers several services and energy consulting solutions aimed at providing energy savings to small and medium enterprises (SME), building managers, service facilities and general utilities.

Our customers can count on a vast experience accumulated over ten years: from supply contracts to incentives for energy saving projects, from renewable sources to traditional ones including gas and power supplies: our experienced team can offer a consulting service tailored on your need.

Many small and medium enterprises and many building managers underestimate the importance of proper management of energy resources because they do not see a huge economic impact on their profit and loss accounts, even if the opportunities to deliver energy efficiency projects are abundant.

In fact, the current deregulation of the sector and the rapid evolution of diverse technologies orientated towards energy saving have created a series of opportunities (and several risks if they are met without adequate knowledge) that can reduce greatly and consistently the supply costs and the environmental impact, guaranteeing excellent results in terms of energy efficiency.

We work together with small and medium enterprises and building managers following a robust and tested methodology that could be summarized as:

  • analyze together the needs of the customer
  • verify the energy situation as a whole
  • plan the best solutions to increase energy efficiency considering the natural tension between cost and return on investment
  • monitor the results through report and graphs because along time we are contractually obliged to deliver the promised results to the customer

Contact us and tell us your need so that together we will strengthen your energy providing energy efficiency without compromise.

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