In the sectors of district heating, energy services and energy consulting services in which Cogenpower operates, the company offers services that have the goal to strengthen your company, your condominium or, generally speaking, the facility you manage and are tailored with a lot of care and professionalism by our team to offer you all the energy efficiency that you need.

In more than 10 years of activity, we have worked on

  • revamping and/or refurbishment of heat and power plants
  • district heating
  • gas oil plant conversion
  • natural gas brand new power plants
  • renewable plants

In all these projects we have been able to offer our customers great solutions not only tailored to their need but also in line with their budgets.

Considering how many changes in terms of technology and regulations are occurring in this market, we encourage you to consult Cogenpower before you finally make up your mind because we are aware that each customer is different and each plant has its own story.

Contact us and tell us your need so that together we will strengthen your energy providing energy efficiency without compromise.

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