Natural gas projects

Projects involving natural gas have the goal to reduce the consumption of energy by the end user and to improve its use and distribution within the facility. Usually, these projects start with a thorough energy diagnosis and monitoring to understand how energy is used but sometimes, in the simpler cases, they can start from how the energy end-users consume energy for example analyzing past energy bills.

These preliminary activities lead to a selection of technological solutions that appear to be more convenient and better suited for the the specific project and, consequently, lead to an optimization between energy savings and cost of the investment.

Based on all this information, it is then possible to elaborate a proposal of the project that could include an engineering solution, an installation of new technologies and a change in the way energy is consumed. Once that the proposed project is accepted by the customer, Cogenpower manages its implementation guaranteeing the results both in terms of energy savings and of cost.

If you would like to discuss a project with us, please contact us.

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