Service companies and utilities

In the sector of service companies and utilities, be they schools or hospital or any other company providing social services, the trend is to use the insufficient resources towards the mission that stands at the core of these companies and utilities. For this reason, many times these companies are unable to capture the recent opportunities offered by the introduction of new rules and regulations and of technologies as well in the realm of energy efficiency and savings.

Cogenpower offers to these companies and utilities a series of services and energy solutions that can reduce substantially the energy bills and at the same time can improve its management. In addition the contractual forms can vary a lot because it is well known that every company or every project has its own peculiarities.

Thanks to its financial capability, Cogenpower is able to offer Energy Service Company (ESCO) or Energy Performance (EP) contracts

If the customer adopts an ESCO contract, which is ideal for condominiums, small and medium enterprises, the customer funds a portion of the investment in the new project by means of the savings coming from the improvement in energy efficiency that can be monitored directly from the energy bills other than eventually from some kind of incentives.

Conversely, if the customer adopts an EP contract, which is ideal for social and service facilities and in some case for small and medium enterprises, the customers pays for the project at a very competitive rate and then it is willing to pay more if the performance occur as described in the contract.

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