Award “Environmental sustainability 2018”

To celebrate the 10th year of operations of its district heating in the city of Borgaro Torinese, Cogenpower has delivered the awards for “Environmental sustainability 2018”.

Each award aimed at acknowledging the examples of leadership in the public and private sectors, which, choosing the district heating and cooling system offered by Cogenpower, has allowed the town of Borgaro Torinese, which was one of the most polluted town of the hinterland of Turin because of the low efficiency boilers and automotive traffic, to reduce pollution by over 40% cutting down dangerous emissions.

Cogenpower has stated that it has invested a lot in terms of technology not only to reach a great level of energy efficiency but also to reduce the polluting emissions; in fact, in 10 years, the power plant, which is controlled 24 h over 24 h by the competent Authority, has never recorded an overrun in the emissions other than having located the power plant outside the town.


Among the organisations that have received the awards for choosing the district heating and cooling system and in so doing cutting down the polluting emissions, there have been:

During the ceremony Cogenpower has donated to the local library over 100 books relating to science and technology to encourage children and teenagers to learn more about the science and engineering world.

Automation and energy efficiency

Cogenpower offers to its customers the possibility of employing automation to improve the energy efficiency of their plants thanks to its ability to offer products and processes that are highly impacted in terms of energy and saving performance.

Many other companies present themselves as system integrator: operators that can assemble different or similar (i.e. from the same OEM) products such as boilers, CHP units, heat pumps, panels, electrical stations and probes and measurement equipment in order to deliver a customized solution for their client.


Nonetheless, these companies do not have the skilled internal resources and capabilities to really integrate the system not only to make it work properly and coherently but also and more importantly to deliver premium energy efficiency, cutting down energy consumption of the client and the relative energy bills.

The reason for this is due to the lack of adequate internal skilled resources, capabilities and specific knowledge of industrial automation: this know-how is becoming increasingly distinctive and fundamental in the energy sector and energy efficiency industry.


Cogenpower has been investing into this specialty for many years and has delivered several projects in which automation and energy efficiency were key and therefore it has separated by its competitors for its knowledge. These projects have been delivered within an ESCO contract or an EPC one.

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